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A Message From The Director

For more than 20 years, Rocky Mountain Innocence Center (RMIC) has worked to correct and prevent wrongful convictions in Utah, Nevada, and Wyoming. During that time RMIC has grown from a few volunteers handling post-conviction claims of innocence, to a small full-time staff and dozens of pro-bono attorneys handling more than 50 cases. Each case is meticulously screened to ensure precious resources are directed to worthy claims of innocence.
Because of generous supporters like you, RMIC is able to complete this work at no cost to any of its clients. There is still a great deal of work to be done and each case has expenses—DNA testing, gas money for us to visit our clients in remote prisons, phone bills so clients can call us from prison, and copies of transcripts and crime scene photos can add up. I encourage you to explore our website and consider donating. Your contribution is 100% tax deductible and will be used to further our work to free the innocent.

Blair Hodson
Executive Director