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Get to know the Rocky Mountain Innocence Center

December 6, 2014

The Rocky Mountain Innocence Center (RMIC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing and correcting the wrongful convictions of innocent people in Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming.

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Please take a moment to watch our short video about the work that we do.  Our most recent newsletter can also be found here.

Local News


Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson

In July 2013 RMIC helped win the exoneration of Andrew Johnson who was proved innocent of the aggravated rape and burglary, for which he unjustly spent almost 24 years in prison.  Mr. Johnson’s case was the first of its kind ... Continue reading >

Harry Miller

Harry Miller

Harry Miller spent four years in prison for a robbery  he did not commit.  He was convicted in 2003 of an aggravated robbery at a convenience store in Salt Lake City.  The robbery occurred three years earlier, when Mr. Miller was ... Continue reading >

Bruce Dallas Goodman

Bruce Dallas Goodman

Bruce Dallas Goodman spent 19 years in prison for a murder he did not commit. He was convicted in 1986 of murdering his girlfriend, Sherry Ann Williams, who was found raped, sodomized, beaten to death, and bound near an interstate exit ... Continue reading >

Debra Brown

Deb Brown

Debra Brown spent 17 years in prison for a murder she did not commit.  She was convicted in 1995 of murdering her friend and employer, Lael Brown, who was found shot to death in his home in Logan, Utah.  In ... Continue reading >